Success Story: BIS Helps Contour Machining Upgrade to ISO 9001:2015 with Zero Audit Findings

Contour Machining logoCompany Profile:  Contour Machining is a precision machining and fabricating company. The Contour team of precision machining tradesmen all have a long tenure with the company, priding themselves on delivering rushed lead times, meeting tight tolerances and following high-quality machining standards, offering their clients competitive pricing for peak performance.

Throughout the years, Contour Machining has continued to grow by constantly inspiring methodologies to improve efficiency and appeal to existing and potential customers.   They strive to be a turnkey supplier to their customers; and to aid with the confidence building of their customers, they maintain current with ISO certification.

Opportunity:  In early 2018, Contour recognized the importance of upgrading to the most current ISO standard, ISO 9001:2015.  As part of the upgrade process, they had to review their Management System and do a thorough gap analysis to determine where they were lacking in conformance to the new version of the standard.  As this is a very detailed and involved process, it is always very important to maintain objectivity and clarity when amending procedures and introducing new ideas and new practices to an existing successful system.  This was an excellent opportunity for Contour to re-evaluate its current policies and procedures for optimization.

Solution:  While doing this upgrade internally, Contour recognized the risk of potentially “losing the forest for the trees;” therefore, they felt that utilizing the background, knowledge, and experience of Illinois BIS’s consultants to verify and confirm their interpretation of the new standard would be of great benefit to the organization.  In order to get an objective overview of their amended and upgraded system, Contour partnered with Illinois BIS.  Consultant Michael McCauley conducted a full internal audit cycle and provided valuable guidance.

Outcome:  The feedback and cooperation of Illinois BIS resulted in Contour Machining, Inc. passing the certification audit to the new ISO 9001:2015 standard with zero findings and zero non-conformities.  The opportunity of utilizing the Illinois grant funding program was an added financial benefit.  The ongoing and wide variety of resources provided by Illinois BIS is greatly appreciated by Contour Machining, Inc. and they are planning to continue to utilize the programs offered by Illinois BIS.

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