Self-Assessment for Leadership Success

Whether you are a hiring manager, job seeker, or seeking career advancement opportunities, understanding the leadership behaviors that highly correlate to success is important.  This insight is especially beneficial in determining areas of focus for professional development and training and the skills best to highlight in a career discussion, on a resume, or during an interview to help establish a competitive advantage.

For the past 30+ years, Lominger and the Korn/Ferry Institute have conducted research to profile and assess leadership behaviors.  Their “Leadership Architect” library consists of 67 competencies, which are the skills, behaviors, and attitudes that lead to high performance.  Following are 12 of the 67 that are the most correlated with high performance among managers and executives.  These competencies are often involved in the deliberate and strategic selection, development, and recognition of talent.

Displayed In the table below, in the Manager and Executive columns, is the projected measure of talent supply available for each competency;  L = Low, M = Medium, and H = High. Additionally, those with a red box indicate the competency has a very high correlation to success for that level of leader.

Leadership Competencies

Managers and executives can start to understand which competencies are strengths and how those listed with a L or M rating are a competitive advantage. If you are interested in learning more about the role Illinois BIS can play in helping you advance your career or select the best talent for your open leadership role using competency-based assessment, contact us at, or view our list of professional development workshops at

Jeff Beavers, Illinois BIS