Back to School Time Isn’t Just for the Kids

It’s that time of the year!  Daylight is getting shorter, the air is getting crisper, and winter holidays are getting nearer.  School has begun once again for children of all ages. These days, however, most people have realized the importance of persisting in lifelong learning efforts well after leaving any formal educational institution.

Wikipedia defines lifelong learning as the “ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated pursuit of knowledge for either personal or professional reasons”.  Workers who develop their knowledge and skills in alignment with employer needs are better positioned to keep their jobs when position responsibilities change.  They are also more likely to get promotions and possibly a larger salary to go with those promotions.

The benefits of continuous learning by an employee reach far beyond the individual.  Employers are invested in workers who are interested in continuing to learn new skills, methods, and knowledge. It is a competitive advantage to organizations to have a workforce who is engaged in continuous improvement so that they have the ability to do their jobs well and can contribute effectively to productivity.  When employees acquire new skills, creativity can be sparked that leads to innovative solutions to problems.  Valuable creativity and increased productivity happen when employees not only acquire new technological skills but also absorb new perspectives and approaches.

Learning organizations that believe in continual improvement sustain their viability and retain and grow jobs.  An organization can remain competitive in the global economy by training and retaining its current workforce, thereby saving operational, overhead, and productivity costs.  As an organization thrives and grows, there is an increased fulfillment of the benefits of implementing continuous improvement and ensuring a well-trained, skilled workforce.

Helping thousands of organizations for over 30 years, the professionals at Illinois BIS specialize in customized training and consulting to help organizations improve performance with sustainable results.  Our most effective role is to help develop the potential within each organization to achieve a culture where innovation and constant improvement thrive.  Our hallmark has been our ability to help organizations grow profitably by collaborating with the talent within the organization. We introduce new methodologies and tools and help organizations develop a focused, mission-driven culture designed to inspire ideas that create the future.  Contact BIS today!

Sharon Andersohn,
VP Grant Programs