The Top 5 Benefits You Receive from Conducting Employee Surveys

There are many benefits to getting feedback from employees.  It’s a good opportunity for your employees to provide input and for you to understand your employees’ satisfaction and engagement levels.  A survey will provide your organization with actionable measures for attitude, motivation, satisfaction, understanding of company goals, and other customizable factors.  Here are the top benefits received from conducting an employee satisfaction survey at your company.

  1. Determine Your Organizational Strengths and Weaknesses

An employee survey can be used as a diagnostic tool to discover your organization’s strengths and weaknesses.  Employees can provide beneficial information and data that can be used to plan operational process improvement projects.  Once you obtain this data, you can benchmark the results to other organizations in your industry to find out if the issues are specific to your company or experienced industry-wide.

  1. Guide Your Organizational Growth

Actionable data obtained from the employee survey in the areas of satisfaction, leadership effectiveness, and environment will help to identify goals for improvement project.  High scores can also be analyzed to discover best methods to be replicated throughout the organization.  If your employees feel their opinion matters, productivity increases.

  1. Increase Your Employee Engagement

A study by Wyatt Watson found that companies that have highly engaged employees produce 26% higher revenue per employee. Companies with more engaged employees tend to have higher profitability.  Engaged employees become more productive and efficient, have lower absenteeism rates, and are often more committed  to achieve success for the organization.  Employees who are highly interested in what they do bring enthusiasm to their job that can lead to creativity, innovation, and collaboration.  This leads to overall growth.  Once you’ve assessed the engagement level of your employees, you can develop a plan to increase that engagement.  You can focus a customized plan on company-wide efforts, or individual areas.

  1. Give Your Employees a Voice

Employee engagement surveys allow your employees an avenue for open and anonymous feedback.  Surveys help employees own some stake in the organization’s planning process by allowing their opinions to be recognized.  Surveys give your employees a chance to feel heard and to express concerns and kudos.  Employees value having their opinion heard even if they may not control the actual outcome. Answers to questions regarding your organization’s benefits can help determine what types of benefits your employees most appreciate.  This will help to ensure that your compensation package can be structured to attract and retain the best and most engaged employees.

  1. Engage Your Employees

At this point it might seem obvious, but the most important reason for conducting an employee engagement survey is to measure the engagement level of your employees.  Measuring the key elements of engagement within your organization will assess whether employees are engaged or disengaged.  These components can include queries assessing training and development, environment, leadership, job roles and advancement, recognition and rewards, pay and benefits, and more.

Research indicates that engaged employees experience higher job satisfaction levels.  When employees are very involved in their work, they have a high level of commitment to the organization and invested in its success.  Your employees can become your best marketers.  Truly engaged employees are the foundation of the success of your organization.

Regular employee engagement and satisfaction surveys are critical to positively influencing organizational performance.  Employee feedback measurements are an invaluable resource to help you understand the dynamics of your organization, identify training opportunities, and increase the growth and success of your organization.

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Sharon Andersohn,
VP Grant Programs