Meet the BIS Experts – Congratulations to BIS Expert, John Pop

John Pop
Sr. Consultant
630.505.0500 x357

We at Illinois BIS wish to extend our sincere best wishes and congratulations to John Pop, Senior Consultant, on his retirement in May of 2020. We thank you, John, for your service to your clients throughout Chicagoland and beyond during these last 32 years!

In his long and productive tenure with BIS, John has provided assistance to one hundred (Yes! Exactly 100!) companies, along with thousands of employees.  He has helped improve and sustain businesses and has watched them grow into thriving organizations. Before joining BIS, John began his career in 1960 as an Industrial Engineer at Republic Steel Corporation (Gary, IN), which subsequently merged with LTV Steel. After the company later went bankrupt, he began consulting in northern Indiana where he and his wife, Judy, still reside.

In 1988, John joined BIS as a consultant where his chief areas of expertise have been in the field of Quality Management Systems (QMS). One of the biggest changes that John has seen in his tenure was the shift away from Quality Control (inspection/detection) to Quality Assurance (prevention); a successful company is one that can SEE its own QMS. One of John’s most important pieces of advice is that “Companies that can recognize how their processes contribute to the success of their goals, and can identify what those processes are, will see their opportunities for success improve.”

John has provided consultation for numerous companies within the areas of Lean, Six Sigma, and the ISO standards. Companies that successfully integrate their customer satisfaction (ISO 9001), environmental management (ISO 14001), and occupational health and safety (ISO 45001) Quality Management Systems implement processes that create an ability for the organization to move away from reacting and fixing errors to proactively preventing them and continually improving. John is firm in his belief that sharing knowledge is important. His wide scope of highly satisfied clients (including the automotive and aerospace industries as well as chemical, plating, plastic and medical manufacturers, family services organizations, and universities) have all benefited from John’s 60 years of experience and the considerable wisdom and practical knowledge that he has shared.

John and his wife are hoping to make their summer home in The Villages, Florida, their permanent residence.  He plans to return to Chicagoland often to visit his three children, nine grandchildren and three (soon to be four) great-grandchildren.

We wish you all the best, John! All your clients and colleagues are brighter and more resilient due to your tireless and dedicated contribution. BIS thanks you for living the mission of providing exceptional consulting and training to all our customers during these last three decades. Congratulations on your retirement!

If you’d like to see more of John’s high level of practical insights into company quality management systems, be sure to view his APQP presentation on the BIS YouTube Channel.  You can find it right here:

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