Success Story: BIS Partners with G&W to Develop and Implement Maintenance Technician Apprenticeship Program

IL BIS - G&W Apprenticeship

G & W Electric partnered with Illinois BIS to develop an apprenticeship program specifically geared toward the identified needs of the maintenance staff.  The program consisted of traditional classroom-based training to hands-on training using the very equipment participants would utilize while on the job. Additionally, an on-the-job training program was incorporated so that program participants would have practical work experience provided by in-house leadership and experts,

Diagnosing & Troubleshooting Machinery Faults – BIS Quick Tip

Diagnosing Machinery

Maintenance technicians often face the challenge of diagnosing and troubleshooting intermittent machinery faults and maintenance training is one of the best ways to develop problem solving skills. The histogram is one of the basic tools of quality control.  Illinois BIS’s technical consultant, Steve Gilbert, demonstrates how to use this valuable tool for Maintenance Technicians.